Why Website is important ?

In a time where communication has become so easy and available at the fingertips, people have become accustomed to the digital world.

Whether be it sending a text or listening to a song, or ordering food to shop, everything is done online. People prefer to do things sitting in their homes instead of the traditional ways.

Today there are millions of websites on the web.  This helps people.to choose what they want easily 

If they want to buy something, they will do deep research about that product online. So a seller must present his goods in a way that attracts people from these millions of websites.

And in today’s times, it is at utmost importance to have a website to sell products or services.

A website not only gives you a broad reach to customers on the web but also helps you sell stuff beyond the barriers of the vicinity.

With the recent hit of the global pandemic, many have lost their business because of constant restrictions and lockdowns imposed by the local authorities. The only businesses that survived were the ones selling things online. This did make a lot of people realize the due importance of having a website.

A website will provide you 24/7 visibility irrespective of the time and space or physical restrictions. 

People can access them from anywhere, anytime.

A website does need you to have a physical shop. Hence cost saving.


But is just having a website enough?

Of course not. There are many things taken into consideration while designing a website:

The theme or how the website will look;
The hosting server and its plans;
The SEO or the search engine optimization.

 Things to consider while choosing  a theme:

  • It needs to be SEO-friendly.
  • It should be responsive as people mostly use smartphones.
  • It should be user friendly so as it won’t confuse someone who doesn’t belong to an IT profession
  • It should have a live preview option. It helps to edit the website faster and better.

So why is SEO that important?

It is equally important to have a SEO’d website.  As it helps you with:

  • It helps people find you. It helps you in indexing in the google search with the right keywords used.
  • It helps you with organic searches.
  • It helps you attract relevant traffic that has been looking for the very exact product or something similar.
  • It helps you build a strong brand.
  • It not only gives you credibility but also builds trust amongst your customers.