What is a domain name

Why Domain name is important let’s check it’s importance

It is a key to open your website. It is an assigned unique name of a website like google.com, Wikipedia, yahoo.com. Domain name is used for accessing a website data. Appropriate domain name will give you best result, inappropriate will give you the losses. Choosing a domain name is initial stage of making websiteIt represents IP resources such as personal computer used to access internet. In Technical words Domain name is a name of an IP address which will convert domain name into numbers like this and then whenever user enter a particular domain name it will go to assigned IP address and then fetch all the data and show it to user.

Different types of domain name

Domain name are divided into three types

Top level Domain (TLD),
Second level Domain (website name),
Third level domain (subdomain).

Top level domain-top level domain are at the end of the domain name like .com, .edu, .gov. Different TLD has different purpose according to their profession and businesses. Top 5 TLDs are following.

  • .com –It is used for commercial purpose. According to research 48% of website use.com for their website. If you want to make your website for commercial use this TLD.
  • .edu-This is use for educational website like college, schools.
  • .org-charitable trust and organization use .org as there domain name
  • .gov-It is use for government website like indian.gov
  • .in-It is represent country name India. Similarly .us, .uk

Second level domain– It is name of your website like canva.com freepick.com. your brand name comes in this place.

Third level domain (Subdomain)-There are two types of subdomain name naked and non-naked. The domain name start from WWW are called as non-naked domain name. Some website does not use WWW. In starting of their website they called as naked domain name like google.com, yahoo.com

long form of URL

Benefits of SEO friendly domain 

1-Domain name should be short- Some of the example of short domain names are Pixby.com, amazon.com, toonly.com. It is easy to remember short domain name rather than long one 5 to 10 word are best for SEO and user friendly domain.

Short domain name vs. long domain name

Pixby.com vs.  hotelramaheritage.com

 Canva.com Vs. stackexchange.com

Quora.com vs. caliberdentaltech.com

2.Easy to remember– Do not use complicated word as your domain name try to use simple words which are easy to remember

3.Avoid number and hyphens- Try to avoid numbers and hyphens in your domain name use only words.



4-Don’t be repeated -Do not use repeated word on your domain name.



5-Brandable domain name-domain name are like thefivestarhotel.com will not get more traffic than you brand name which is unique like Facebook, webtouter.com